Application of various therapeutic approaches intervention through:

1. Tiger Dance therapy


2. Theatre & Dance (Mythological and Folk)


3. Snoezelen, Dutch therapy, a sensory world creation.
4. Group Therapy: Group singing (Bhajans and Devotional songs), Group listening (story telling), group drawings paintings, group walk etc activities come under this program. Group participation plays a major role in this therapy


5. Music therapy (both vocal and instrumental)

6. Speech therapy

7. Physiotherapy
8. Yoga therapy
9. Raga Therapy (basing on Indian Classical Music)
10. Token Shop

11. Social Inclusion

12. Vocational Placements

13. Toy Play

14. Inspirational Games

15. Computer Education

16. Sports Therapy

17. Art Therapy


Kshira Dhara

Dimsa Dance