At Lebenshilfe, people with intellectual disabilities are taught the skills they need to become useful contributors of the society. Lebenshilfe specifically aims at serving people who come from poorer sections of the society.


An intellectual disability is a significant limitation in an individual's cognitive functioning and daily adaptive behaviors. Disabilities can manifest themselves as limited language, impaired speech, or difficulty performing academically. A child with an intellectual disability may learn to crawl, walk, and talk but their development is very slow in comparison with other normal children.


People with intellectual disabilities face challenges in life both personally and externally. In addition to challenges in intellectual functioning and daily living, they are branded and degraded by the society.


Lebenshilfe specializes in giving training to such individuals and shapes them enough so they can lead their own lives without having to depend on others. Individuals receive vocational training such as tailoring, carpentry, and interaction in dance, music and folk arts.
Please visit our Success Stories page to read the stories of individuals who are able to lead their own lives after successfully completing training program at Lebenshilfe.