Lebenshilfe, Visakhapatnam


(ii) Name and address of the Project             : Lebenshilfe for the Mentally Handicapped, Regd.
Office: 26, Lawsonsbay, Visakhapatnam-17
(iii) Year                                                                 : 2016-17 VTC FOR  80  BENEFICIARIES
S.No Name of the beneficiary Father’s  /  Mother’s  Name Date of  Birth Sex Type and % Severity  Of Disability Address Date of Entry in the Institute No. of Completed  years with the  Trade Whether SC/ST/OBC Disabled/ Gen. Remarks about outcome /Results
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1 RaviKumar A. A. Babji 5/8/1994 Male Moderate Mental Retardation with speech and behavioural problems D.No.31-20-15,
Metta,  Visakhapatnam.
18-6-1998 1 year BC Day Schalor.
Can copy school address.
2 Rokkam Praveen Kumar R. Ram Bai 8/6/1994 Male Moderate Mental retardation. IQ 40% Door No. F-116, BHPV Township, Visakhapatnam 5/8/2008 1 year OC Day Schalor.
Attending phenyl making class and mix contents.
3 Kali Prasad Senapathi S. Rama Rao 22-12-1995 Male Mental Retardation D.No.11-29-60/1, Smith Street,Chinna Bazaar, Bheemili,Visakhapatnam Dist. 30.06.05 1 year BC Hostler. .
Can write school name when dictated.
4 Sarella Swetha S. Varaprasad 26/6/1995 Female Mental Retardation C/o P. Ananda Rao, Chinnawaltair, CBI Down, Visakhapatnam. 15/03/2011 1 year Christian Day Scholar: Developing Social Skills, concentration and stability.
5 Gangamraju Sai Srikanth G.S.Phanindrudu 8/6/1994 Male Mental Retardation SF 3, Ganesh Residency Madhava Street, Near Saraswathi Park, Dabagardens, Visakhapantam – 20. 15/06/2011 1 year Brahmin OC Dayscholar: He can write school name and his name.
6 M. Naveen Kumar M.. Phalguna Rao 10/5/1989 Male Moderate M.R. Fishermen colony,
MVP Colony
7/1/1996 1 year OC Dayscholar: Improved academic skills, can be able to read the fruits names with verbal prompt.
7 Vedula Trinadh Krishna V. Gopala Krishna Murty 11/4/1982 Male Mental Retardation D.No. 31-36-18,               MIG 2A-312 Rajeev Nagar, Gajuwaka,     Visakhapatnam – 46. 8.8.2013 1 year OC Day Scholar.
Identify machine.
8 Appala Reddy   S S. Mutyalu 15-9-1995 Male Mental Retardation D.No.1-37, R.R.Venkatapuram,
Near amalyamtemple,
23-9-02 1 year OC Day Schalor.  Social sikills developed.  Sharing the activity objects with other childrenmingled with pear group.
9 Shymala Devi  M. M. Pydi Raju 19-9-1995 Female IQ = 40% Moderate Mental Retardation with speech problems D.No.26-23-16, Velama Peta,
22-6-2000 1 year BC Day Schalor: Improved arithematic skills, she can do double  digit multiplications and subtractions,
10 Kanaka Maha Laxmi R. R. Raju 9/6/1994 Female Severe Mental
speech and
motor problems
Seethamma Peta,
Ganesh Nagar,
17-6-99 1 year OC Hostler. Can stich with wool.
11 Kumari Golajapu G. Appa Rao 27-9-1994 Female Mental Retardation D.No.37-6-51/1,
Satyanagar, 5th Town Police Station,Visakhapatnam.
31.12.2004 1 year BC Day Schalor: Behaviour problems, reduced to some extent.
12 Prasad G. G. Kannayya 26-2-1994 Male Mental Retardation D.No.50-3-3/60, Near H.P. Gas-
Company Pasapuvanipalem, vsp.,
6/7/2000 1 year BC Day Scholar: He can write School address.
13 Naripilli Naga Purna Nageswara Rao 14/05/1995 Female Mental Retardation D.No.20-6-6-3/3,
Prasad Garden,
Old Bus Stand, Durgavalli Veedhi,Ward No.10,
Near Bore Welding Shop,Visakhapatnam.
30.07.2005 1 year OC Day Scholar.Can copy School address.
14 Ramaswathi  K. K. Satyanarayana 10/6/1995 Female IQ = 30%
Mental Retardation
MIG-A, 97,
Sagar Nagar,
27-8-02 1 year OC Day Scholar: She can write 1 – 5 nuymbers and her name when given missing last letter.
15 Baratam Srinivas Ramakrishna 12/10/1994 Male Moderate MR IQ 36% Baratam Street, Gudari PO
Near Dally Market,Raigarh Dist,
Orissa-765 026
07.08.2006 1 year OC Hostler: He can write his name and say 1 to 10 counting.
16 Konna Durga Prasad  K. Ganga 1/1/1995 Male Moderate Mental retardation. IQ 40% D.No.9-22-24,
CBM Compound
Amar Nagar,
20-7-2006 1 year SC DayScholar. There is improve ment in social skills.
17 Satish Kumar Tumpala T.Ramesh 5/2/1995 Male Disability 60%
Moderate Mental Retardation
Indira Colony
26-6-02 1 year BC Day Scholar.Can write his father’s name individually.
18 Sudhakar Y. Y.V. Parasuramudu 30-7-1995 Male Moderate Mental Retardation with speech problem and cerebralpalasy D.No.2-15-29/1, Sector-9,
MVP Colony,Visakhapatnam-17.
19-6-2000 1 year BC Day Schalor: Improved academic skills, he can do divisions and can write 6th table.
19 Sivaji P. P. Appala Naidu 21-5-1995 Male IQ- 40%Profound
Mental Retardation
Vapada Mandalam,
Seetharam Puram,
K.G..Pudi Panchayathi,
Vizianagaram District.
3/4/2000 1 year OC Hostler: Can copy school name  under V.P./P.P.
20 Bhanumathi  CH. Ch. Gunacharulu 20-12-1995 Female IQ = 40% Mental Retardation with low speech LIG-89, AP Housing Board Colony,
Peda Gantiyada, Vizag.
15-12-2000 1 year BC Can copy school name.
21 Sumalatha Lanka L. Maheshwara Rao 10/3/1995 Female IQ=40%
Mental Retardation
Near Sivalayam-Temple, K.R.M.Colony,
26-2-04 1 year BC Day Schalor: Can write small alphabet and addition dubble digit 3 lines, number names 11 to 15.
22 Venkata Rao Y. Y. Laxman Rao 7/8/1992 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.18-6-3, Kummani Veedhi,
Maharani Peta, Vizag-2.
9/11/2000 1 year BC Machine feedling.
23 Maruwada  Venkata Naga Santosh Kumar Sarma M.V. Ram Gopal 25-3-1994 Male Moderate Mental Retardation D.No-86/1, Sector  -3,Backside of Little Angels School, M.V.P. Colony, Visakhapatnam-17. 23-3-2009 1 year OC Day Scholar: Can pedal machine.
24 Nagamani N. N. Appa Rao 3/7/1994 Female Mental Retardation D.No.22-101-36,
Main Road, Gandhipeta,
Near Reading Room, Vizag-1.
23-9-98 1 year BC Can cut Vegitables with V.P.
25 Shiva Shankar  M. M.V.N. Patrudu 8/8/1994 Male IQ=40% Moderate Mental Retardation D.No.11-74, 3rd Layout,
Shiramasaktinagar Chinnamushidi-
wada, Pedurthi, visakhapatnam
24-6-03 1 year OC Pedal a machine.
26 Noor – A –  Nazneer S.S.Ahamed Imshad
4/2/1993 Female  Mental Retardation D.No.65-1-11,
Sriharipuram Near
Lalitha cinema Theatre,
21-6-04 1 year BC She can Identify machine.
27 Maddipati Veerendra M.Srinivas Rao 27-3-1994 Male  Mental retardation. I.Q.31 D.No.2-220,Pararami Villeege,(PO),Aatreua[ira,(Md) 2/3/2012 1 year Kammas He can stitched lines with V.P.
28 Kalanadhabhatta Ravi Teja K.V.B.Sastry 28-6-1994 Male  Mental Retardation K.V.B.Sastry ,D.No:-13-848, Drivers colony, sector-3, Arilova, Visakhapatnam. 26-07-13 1 year O.C Day Scholar. Earlier: Improved Stability.
29 Behara Nikhil Kumar B. Satyanarayana 24.11.1995 Male Moderate MR D.No.7-115/1
Nandamuri Nagar
9.12.2013 1 year BC Day Scholar
30 Susheel Kumar K. K. Venkata Rao 1/4/1977 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.10-51-53, E.W.S. Colony, 3/4,Nehru Nagar, Near Ramnagar,
10/10/2000 1 year SC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
31 Kiran B. B. Ramakrishna  16-5-1992 Male  Mental Retardation S.T. Girls Elementry School,
MVP Colony,
Gullavanipalem, Vizag-17.
29-11-97 1 year BC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
32 Appla Raju Ch. Ch.Ramulu 5/9/1991 Male  Mental Retardation C/o P.Trindh, 9-9-120/5, Rajeev Nagar, Sivajipalem,Visakhapatnam -17 10/8/2004 1 year BC Hostler
Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
33 Jyothi Bhaskar Barakala B. Rajyalaxmi 1/7/1989 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.65-5-26I1,
MIG-I-26, Gullalapalem,
Coromandal Gate,
Malkapuram PO, Sriharipuram
09.08.2007 1 year OC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
34 Satish Kumar  D.N.V. D. Sri Ganesh  4-1-1990 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.9-6-34/1, Sivaji Palem,
17-6-96 1 year BC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
35 Raghavendra Rao D. D.V. Satyanarayana Murthy 6/10/1979 Male  Mental Retardation Sector-9, Fisherman Colony
,MVP Colony,
20-2-1987 1 year OC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
36 Kondayya M. M. Narasimhalu 1/4/1987 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.42-13-5/2, Old Dairy Farm,
30-4-98 1 year OC Hostler Intrested in stitching work, learns wool work.
37 Prabhakar N. N. Satyam Naidu 3/8/1973 Male  Mental Retardation M.V.P. Colony,
Near Municipal –
Community Hall,
Appu Ghar,
8/7/1985 1 year BC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
38 Kameswara Rao J.V. J.V. Brahma Lingam 10-51977 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.44-12-16, Railway New Colony,
21-7-93 1 year OC Sits in class room in presence of teacher, can attend therapies with assistance.
39 Kamoji Jogendra Kumar P. Venugopala Rao 17/8/1978 Male Moderate Mental Retardation. H.No2-30, Rajiv Nagar,           Old Dairy Farm,              Visakhapantam. 30/7/2016 New Admission BC Day Scholar
40 Uma Maheswari P. P. Jaya Laxmi 20-8-1970 Female  Mental Retardation D/No.14-37-5, Krishna Nagar,
3/7/1984 1 year OC Concentration to be improved, shows intrest in all works.
41 Ajay Kumar Gangireddi G. Jagannadha Rao 18-12-1992 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.57-23-64/1,
Near Lutheran Church,
Visakhapatnam – 8
13-9-05 1 year BC Follows instructions of teachers, learning money concept, attends dance, sports, yoga, xerox, training class, but her health is not good.
42 Raj Kumar S.S. S. Venkata Rao 19-3-1979 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.19-47-22,
Rangareejiveedhi, Purnamarket,
24-10-94 1 year BC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
43 Srinu Yallanki Y. Saidulu 17-7-1986 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.32-10-17, Allipuram,
Yathapeta Road,  Ward No-4,
28-8-01 1 year BC Intretsed in dance and speech and imitation, intrested in machine repairing.
44 Venkata Durga Poornima N. N.R. Prakash Raj 26-7-1992 Female  Mental Retardation D.No.14-196, Lakshmi Nagar,
Gopalapatnam, Visakhapatnam.
30-10-02 1 year Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
45 Chitti Babu K. K. Vijay Mohan Rao 5/6/1987 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.34-10-16, Gnanapuram,
24-6-96 1 year OC Makes holes, can thread needles,can stitch individually,can make knot with physical prompt.
46 Atchuta Srinivas Kalluri K. Jagannadha Rao 26-8-1975 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.7-5-10(1), Plot No.45,
18-3-1982 1 year OC He can pour water in the bottle with physical prompt.
47 Suresh Ch. CH. Pydi Raju 28-1-1993 Male  Mental Retardation Ramnagar,
Near General Stores,
9/3/1999 1 year BC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
48 Kodanda Rao A. A. Gurunadha Rao 13-4-1978 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.57-24-120, Tummada Palem,Kancharapalem(po), Vizag-8 2/7/1996 1 year OC Hostler
Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
49 Mehar Kumari J. J. Kumari Swami 27-8-1981 Female  Mental Retardation Sector-9, D.No.2-4-45,
MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam-17.
3/11/1993 1 year BC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
50 Mahesh G. G. Sankara Rao 24-4-1990 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.39-26-Y/2, Rajeev Nagar,
Near Punjab Hotel,Marripalem,
3/8/1996 1 year BC Eating skills improved, he can mix food with verbal prompt, he can paste the paper with physical and verbal prompt.
51 Ramana G. G.N. Raju 24-4-1983 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.58, I.B.P. Century Club,
19-6-99 1 year BC Hostler Sits constantly, can thread needle, paste a paper, can arrange the numbers in order.
52 Ramanababu N. N. Appa Rao 16-8-1988 Male  Mental Retardation D.No. 221. SC Colony,
K. Jaganadhapuram,
Chodavaram (Taluka),
Visakhapatnam District.
16-2-2004 1 year BC Hostler Can thread needle, can do pating paper, plays, indoor,games with classmates, copying his name.
53 Kurra Bharathi K. Jayadev Rao 17-9-1986 Female  Mental Retardation D.No. 54-12-60, Bhanu Nagar, Maddilapalem, Near Krishna College, Visakhapatnam 01.02.10 1 year OC Learning stritching , follows instructions, attends yoga.
54 Kiran Kumar P. P. Bhaskar Rao 14-6-1992 Male  Mental Retardation Kurupamarket, Old Salipeta,
Ganesh Temple, Vizag-1.
6/2/1998 1 year OC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
55 Chandra Sekhar Reddy G. G. Lakshmana Reddy 8-111976 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.53-14-20, Maddilapalem,
6/11/1986 1 year OC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
56 Ravanamma M. Joginaidu 11/6/1986 Female  Mental Retardation D.No.9-6-80, Near Gas down,
Shivaji Park, Shivaji palem, Vizag.
30-10-02 1 year BC Learning stritching buttons, embroidary, stability t be improved.
57 Ramesh M. M. Satyanarayana 27-1-1985 Male  Mental Retardation  D.No.507, 44(I-II) SG,
7/3/1998 1 year OC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
58 Sheik Hafeez Sheik Ameer 13/03/1993 Male  Mental Retardation D.No:-13-13-69, vikalangula colony, Arilova Visakhapatnam 19/7/13 1 year OC Received Pre- vocational training and developed finger dexterity
59 Lakkavarapukota Pavan kumar L.Ramachandra Rao 5/4/1990 Male  Mental Retardation S.Chandra Sekhar, Resapuvani palem, Near C.M.R, D.No.52-10-36/2, Visakhapatnam. 12/11/2012 1 year BC Day Scholar:
Improved expression skills increased stability.
60 Suma Girija G. G. Vasantha Lakshmi 27-4-1973 Female  Mental Retardation Plot No.26/3, M.V.P. Colony,
15-12-1984 1 year OC Dyascholar: Unable to obtain skills, no expected development
61 Ramkiran K. K. Varalakshmi 24-8-1980 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.5-5-140, Pedajalari Peta,
4/4/1994 1 year BC Attends dance, drawing, sports and tiger dance, can stritch buttons,learning sewing work.
62 Pappu Suresh P. Satyanarayana 07.07.1989 Male Mental Retardation D.No. 9-9-107/11
Mangapuram Colony
Near Kalabharathi
24.10.2013 1 year BC Day Scholar
63 Prasanthi  P. P. Pola Raja 6/11/1993 Female Mental Retardation D.No.32-30-66,
Sreedevi Pan Shop,
Bowdara Road,
1/12/2000 1 year BC Day Scholar:Behaviour problems reduced to some extent.
64 Venkata Sai Vimala
Bhavya K.
K.V. Prasad 24/10/1993 Female Moderate
Mental Retardation
D.No.9-33-11, Pitapuram Colony,
Near Kalabharathi, Visakhapatnam.
1/9/2003 1 year OC Day Schalor: Can do addition dubble digit, carrying, subtractions by barrowing.
65 Balivada Rajani B. Sankar Rao 26-8-1994 Female Mental Retardation IQ Approx 40% C/o K. Chinna Rao
B. Sankara Rao
D.No.166/2, Padma Nagar
Naidu Thota, Gopalapatnam
3.7.2006 1 year OC Day Schalor.
Can pedal machine.
66 Samengi Shyam Prasad S.Eswara Rao 17-11-1993 Male Mild Mental Retardation S.Eswar Rao, Dno: 36-23-4/2, Kottareddy Kancharapalem, Visakhapatnam. 10/7/2012 1 year B.C-B Hostler: Can pedal a machine.
67 Nagaveni G. G.Narayana 11/8/1993 Female Moderate Mental Retardation with Behavioural Problems 227/A, Sector-9, Ukkunagaram
24-4-96 1 year OC Hostler: Can stitch petty Coat and VP.
68 Rama Devi K. K. Subha Rao 23-4-1970 Female  Mental Retardation D.No.10-12-15, Jail Road,
Gollapalem, Visakhapatnam-20.
25-1-1988 1 year OC Learned xerox work for some time, can help in kitchen work.
69 Narayana Eragavarapu E. Mancharulu 5/6/1989 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.11-1-2,
Post Office Veedhi,
21-9-2005 1 year OC Can thread a big needle, can copy his name, trying ti sit more time in class, learning pasting paper.
70 Nagabhushan Sharma Vedula Appala Narasimha Sharma 29-5-1971 Male  Mental Retardation Apartment No.3, First Floor,
Talupula Geramic Apartments,
Opposite Appughar, Beach Rd,
13.08.2007 1 year OC He learned paper folding and pasting, reduced behaviour problem.
71 Vikram P. P. Raja Rao 2/10/1978 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.44-42-43,
Satyasai Apartments,
Ground Floor, 101,
Sangam Office, Akkayyapalem
1/7/1999 1 year OC Containing vocational training after a break.
72 Satish Kalidindi K. Lakshmipathi Raju 6/3/1978 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.50-25-11, T.P.T. Colony,
Seethamadhara, Vizag.
16-2-2004 1 year OC Day Scholar: Improved stability, concentration, can do some puzzles.
73 Satya Kiran Addala A. Nrayana Swamy 9/8/1992 Male  Mental Retardation Plot No.303,
Sri Ramana Residency,
Lawsons Bay Colony,
30.07.05 1 year OC Day Schalor.
Moving with other children able to follow instructions.
74 Satish L. L. Seethayyamma 11/1/1974 Male  Mental Retardation Chengalrao Peta,
Kotha Agraharam,
Beach Road, Vizag.
8/7/1988 1 year BC Hostler: Unable to obtain skills, no expected development
75 Yaganti Shashank Y. Narasimha Rao 8/28/1987 Male Mental Retardation D.No. 4-58-5, 2nd Floor, Andhra Bank Colony, Lawsons Bay, Visakhapatnam 3/4/2016 1 year OC Day Scholar
76 Madupati Sravanti M. Appala Raju 7/5/1992 Female Moderate Mental Retardation D.No: 29B, Vambay Colony, Chandravanipalem, Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam 4/28/2014 2 years OC Dayscholar
Copying name and school name
77 A. Demudu A Paidayya 32 Years Male Moderate Mental Retardation D.No.9-9-24/4, Sivajipalem
Near Chinapolamamba Temple
4/5/1984 25 Years BC Hosteller
78 Prem Kumar Patro N.R.K. Patro 5/8/1986 Male  Mental Retardation D.No.11-88/1,
Near Kalimata Temple Gopalapatnam,
4/19/1999 16 years OC Machine Operation and small work in wood.
79 Chinna Rao N. N. Appalaswamy 8/5/1982 Male  Mental Retardation Ramajogi Peta, Angadi Dibba,
4/15/1988 27 years BC Filling the phenoyle in the bottle.
80 Manne Sudheer Kumar M Narayanarao 11/7/1980 Male Mental Retardation D.No.2-56, Kamma veedhi,
Bantupalli, Ranastalam
Srikakulam Dist
29/08/2016 New Adm. OC Hosteller