Lebenshilfe makes internships available for overseas students interested in volunteering at our school and learning from our innovative therapies based on traditional Indian arts.

All our clients are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  The synthesis of methodologies drawn from all over the world as well as the innovative therapies developed by T. Saraswathi Devi and her staff will offer students an opportunity to “think outside the box” in the field of developmental studies.

Tiger Dance Therapy, developed more than 26 years ago is our most famous example of the kinds of therapeutic innovations we use at Lebenshilfe. Other therapies such as dance, yoga, theatre, raga therapy, and activities ranging from the nursery to vocational training, will add value to the intern’s experience.

Lebenshilfe is located close to the sea in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, a port city of 1,500,000 inhabitants, located on the Bay of Bengal.  It boasts a major university and many colleges, a sea walk and harbor with shipbuilding facilities, a steel plant and various industries.  One of the fastest growing cities in Asia, it is home to many excellent restaurants, movie theatres, traditional bazaars and modern shopping malls.

A certificate will be issued by Lebenshilfe for submission to the concerned universities after completion of the voluntary working hours of service as per the university’s requirement. On-campus accommodation with cooking facilities will be provided at a very reasonable cost.

Interested students may learn more about Lebenshilfe by contacting

Dr. T. Saraswathi Devi: tsarahdevi@gmail.com, tsarahdevi@yahoo.com

Mrs. Jaya Uruma: jayasudha@yahoo.com