Whose responsibility?

Taking care of the mentally handicapped is the collective responsibility of families concerned, professionals committed and government elected. Everyone in the society should shoulder the responsibility and work together for the overall development without leaving them to their fate. If considerable care is taken, appropriate attention is paid and proper activities are planned suitable to their potential, no wonder these people with mental retardation can be converted into useful contributors of the society. Lebenshilfe has accepted this responsibility as a social commitment.

Imparting free training – Lebenshile’s policy

It is Lebenshilfe’s policy to impart free training to the mentally handicapped and basing on this, ever since its inception, it started embracing retarded people, hailing from poorer sections of the society, no matter what caste, creed, or religion they belong to. Parents are not burdened financially and their children are safe and comfortable in the hands of Lebenshilfe.

Imparting free training – Lebenshile’s policy

It is Lebenshilfe’s policy to impart free service to poor students no matter what caste, creed, or religion they belong to. This takes the burden off parents: their children are safe and comfortable with us. Beyond that, both students and parents feel Lebenshilfe is their home, their community.


Insufficient Resources – greater challenges

We started Lebenshilfe with financial support from a few Lebenshilfe organizations in West Germany. Our first 7 years we began with a staff of 3 working with 12 children. Then the Ministry of Welfare of the Central Govt. stepped up with a partial grant-in-aid to meet our running costs. Today 454 people of all ages are being served at our school. Along with the growth of our population, so have grown our needs.  Meeting the expenditure for service providers such as teachers, aides, kitchen and janitorial workers has become a challenge as our institution grows.


Why Lebenshilfe Looks at You?

We couldn’t have made it this far without the support of countless philanthropic individuals and organizations who have contributed in ways both large and small to our work.  But ours is an ongoing need. In this situation, Lebenshilfe looks to you for your hearty support. Your positive response and generous donations will enable us to continue with this important work.  

How can you support us?

1. Adopting an M.R. Child / Essential Service Providers.

a. M.R. Child: $40 per month includes breakfast, lunch, evening snack, dinner, reasonable clothing and

other amenities for daily living.

b. Essential Service Providers: $100 per month (honorarium consolidated)

This category includes helpers and other support workers.

c. Assistant Teachers / Therapists: $125 per month (honorarium consolidated).
d. Special Educators: $150 per month (honorarium consolidated).

Improving Lebenshilfe

Our immediate goals include:

  1. Installing Solar panels to provide energy for cooking, hot water for bathing, etc.
  2. Installation of a Lift (Elevator) for HIDDEN SPROUTS building for the benefit of the severely handicapped.
  3. Construction of Da Vinci homes for independent living facility.
  4. Strengthening vocational and income-generation projects.
  5. Donations to Corpus Fund.


How to Donate

All the donations to Lebenshilfe are exempted from income tax under section 80 G of Income tax act of Govt. Of India.

Your Donations are greatly appreciated either by cheque/DD on the name: LEBENSHILFE and can be sent to the following address

Lebenshilfe for the Mentally Handicapped
C/O T.Saraswathi Devi
26, Lawson’s bay
Visakhapatnam, 530017
A.P, India